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Hulpvraag voor Batanes na Tyfoon

16 September 2016 ontvingen Jo en Truus Schoorlemmer de volgende mail vanuit de Filipijnen.

Dear Jo and Truus: I hope this email finds you well. I send this messige with great urgency. Three days ago, Batanes was hit by a category 5 hurricane that brought devastation to the whole province and completely disrupted electric, water and communication services. In fact, to this day, no contact has been made with Itbayat which was at the center of the typhoon. Ivana is the only town where there is cell phone signal. Many houses were blown away or seriously damaged. Landslides and debris from fallen coconuts, posts and boulders block passage along the highway. I hope you can help raise funds that we can distribute to people to rebuild or repair their homes. Dina attempted to fly to Batanes yesterday but the weather was still bad. And a new typhoon is approaching. She will try again this Sunday. Miraculously, there has so far been no report of serious injuries or casualties. Thank God!

Categorie De stichtingDatum 19/09/2016

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