RSS / XML Feed

RSS / XML Feed

What is RSS?

RSS is a way of telling the computer which text is used for what purpose. It can therefore read it very easily and show, for instance, a newsheading and the news text in a different predefined way.

What can you do with RSS?

RSS is a great format for exchanging news. A program retrieves the raw information from the internet and presents it to you in a predefined manner. You don´t have to surf the internet yourself anymore to see if there´s any news available, but let the RSS reader do the dirty work for you..

What do you need for RSS?

The most used applications for reading RSS are the so-called RSS-readers. They come in all sorts and kinds and for all platforms [Windows/Linux/Mac]. They retreive the content you subcribed to, and give a quick overview of the headings. You´ll even get a notice when new content arrives. It will save you a lot of time if you visit the same websites on a daily base.

Heetens Helpgood Centre Philippines RSS / XML Feed

Heetens Helpgood Centre Philippines offers different feeds. You can use whichever file is of your interest. Just copy the URL below in your RSS-reader.

Stay updated on only the newsitems? Use; deeplink.php
Stay updated on only new reactions? Use; deeplink.php?items=forum
Stay updated only on the latest products and special prices? Use; deeplink.php?items=shop
Stay updated on all changes on this website? Use; deeplink.php?items=nieuw

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