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Medische missies | Maarten en Rogier (2011)

In April/May 2011 we, Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen ( cardiologist ) Maarten Kloosterman ( gynaecologist ) and Meiti and Jeannette our wives, went to the Filipinnes for the fifth time since 2005 to fulfill a medical mission. It is very encouraging to note that from the medical point of view the hospitals where we work did make a lot of progress ( Basco in Batanes, Gumaca, Alabat and Atimonan).

Through our organisation we could organise that all the hospitals were we work do have an ultrasound machine, they do use these ultrasounds regularly and skillfully! The operative skills of the members of the medical staff did clearly improve and on the whole the hospitals look much beter inside and outside. Everything that was send over is used! This is all very encouraging.

Still there is an enormous lack of good medical instruments and suture material in the OR's and not enough medicaments, but on the whole the progress is unmistakable and that is good and very encouraging to notice. There are remarkable little changes in the medical and nursing staff, which makes that we do know almost everybody by now and that makes our work much easier.

The cardiologist saw a lot of outpatients and the gynaecologist did operate day after day, exclusively patients who, because of lack of money could not have an operation otherwise.
We do provide the medication, the suture material, the OR supply and a free operation, the hospital offers a free bed and free nursing. In that way we managed to operate many women.Unfortunately there are so many really poor people in the Filippines that there will be much more work to be done.

Our wives in the meantime travel around in the neighbourhood to visit the social projects of the HHCP. They evaluate and see what they need to go on with there work, with the money our friends donated we support the institutions that they visit to help them to continue their work. We were very busy this month and went home with good feelings.

We do thank our donors for their financial support of the social projects and the Rijnstate hospital for their support with medical supply.

Maarten D. Kloosterman.

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