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Mrs. Delia D. Acle

 | 11/02/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

In behalf of the Mahinog Central School, Mahinog, Camiguin, Province Philippines, Grade VI-Y pupils under the advisory of Mrs. Delia D. Acle, we would like to express our thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the grace of steadfastness and perseverance in helping our student grow competently in this fast changing world. We always treasure of your humble and loving service extended to our children. We pray that the Lord will always keep you strong and determined in your vocation. God Bless always.

Rogerio C. Acle

 | 11/02/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

  In behalf of the Local Government Unit of Mahinog, Mahinog Camiguin, Province Philippines, through the office of the Municipal Vice Mayor, Hon. ROGERIO C. ACLE, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the HHCP for donating Medical equipments, untiring endeavor and support to the people of Mahinog with this, we are very proud of you. We always hope and pray this great opportunity will make a substantial contribution to the betterment of our people.

janice v. jarales

 | 28/01/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

in behalf of the municipality of mambajao, province of camiguin. the municipal health officer dr. janice v. jarales would like to thank you for unending support you have extended to us. may god bless you always.. thank you so much..

Gretchen L. Cabalang

 | 28/01/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Good day! This is Dr. Gretchen L. Cabalang, the Provincial Health Officer II of the Province of Camiguin. In behalf of the health personnel of the CGH & CDH including the health personnel from the five Rural Health Units of the five (5) Municipalities, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all the support you have given to us for the benefits of the Camiguingnons. We are hoping that you will continue whatever help you have started to us...More power & God bless!

Jasper Joy

 | 27/01/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Hello Everyone! I am Jasper Joy the first to use the dental instruments you gave to Dr. Sabrina of Rural Health Unit in Argao Philippines. We are blessed that you gave that instruments to us. We are grateful that you have chosen us to be the recipient of the dental instruments. It is a big help in the Rural Health Unit especially to the patients who are less fortunate and from far flung areas. May you continue your mission as it helps millions of people in need especially those who are l

Margie April Dominece

 | 27/01/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

This is Margie April Dominece a registered nurse from Argao , Cebu -Phillipines . I would like to extend my gratitude in your good organization for being so generous and kind-hearted. Thank you so much for supporting and helping our country men. Your vision and mission really help us especially to the less fortunate people. So, I wish more power in your organization and continue your amazing goal. God bless you all. Mabuhay!


 | 21/01/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Hi,Greetings to all the people in Holland.This is Anna from Argao, Cebu Philippines. Argao is located at the South part of Cebu Philippines and a very beautiful place with a very warm hearted people living in this place. Thank you very much for helping my disable cousin Marianette Flores for providing her personal needs. The help given for her is such a great blessings and a great help for  her and the family. We are looking forward to more help in near future. God bless us all!

dr sabine

 | 16/01/2013 | Reageer op dit bericht!

hello,  I am Dr. Sabina A. Alcarez, the dentist from the Rural Health Unit of Argao, Cebu, Philippines. I am writing to all the good  people in netherland to thank you for buying me dental instruments" Air Scaler".

cristeta g. valencia

 | 09/02/2011 | Reageer op dit bericht!

thank you very much for your generosity and help  to extended for us and for my countrymen/mindoro,p- hilippines (the native of mindoro-mangyans)

Harrie Alferink

 | 03/02/2011 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Hello Filipinos,Theo and I are back on Dutch soil.Our trip to Camiguin is an unforgettable experience, thanks to the friendly people in the Philippines.We now know that all things well spentWe will not soon forget this trip.Thank you, Sincerely,Theo Nijland and Harrie AlferinkTheo en ik zijn weer terug op Nederlandse bodem.  Onze reis naar Camiguin is een onvergetelijke ervaring geworden, mede door de vriendelijke mensen op de Filippijnen.We weten nu dat alle spullen goed besteed worden.We zulle...

sabina a. alcarez

 | 11/01/2011 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Greetings To All The People Their In Holland, I am Sabina A. Alcarez a Rural Health Dentist in Argao,Cebu Phillippines.Would like to thank you for buying my Dental Instruments here in our Rural Health Dental Clinic.It is our great pleasure for giving us the opportunity and lucky enough to be one of your beneficiaries. We really need them so that we can make used of it and can render good services to the Argawanon people. And we are hoping and looking forward for future help. God Bless you all.  

Henk Bongers

 | 06/11/2010 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Mannenkoor Salland Vocaal uit Raalte ondersteunt uw Hulpgoederencentrum graag. Tijdens de KERSTSAMENZANGRAALTE 21 dec. Pauluskerk hebben wij o.a. uw doel gekozen als een van de GOEDE DOELEN.Hou vol, en alle succes!

Bong Soliven

 | 04/02/2010 | Reageer op dit bericht!

To the people of Holland thank you very much for all the blessings you shared to us in the Philippines especially in Mambajao, Camiguin.

familie Beverdam

 | 01/01/2010 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Wij wensen jullie ook deze keer een hele bijzondere goede reis.....Jullie weten, dat onze harten en onze gedachten volop bij jullie zijn. Deze keer betekent deze reis heel speciaal voor ons,  die jullie dit keer maken. Onze gedachten zijn bij Junmar en zijn familie.

Rosa en Harrie

 | 20/12/2009 | Reageer op dit bericht!

Hallo Alemaal,
Ik heb een paar posters laten maken en laten lamineren voor onze actie "Geraakt door een kind".
De tekst is nu; "Deze kinderen raakten vele harten", wilt u ook meedoen"? Er hangt één poster op het dorpsplein en één schuin tegenover Elders de Smid. Verder ook in Mariënheem, Haarle en Raalte.

KWW;"Kieken Wat het Wordt. Zegt het voort!

groet Harrie

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